Director's Corner-Q&A

You and the team headed to Thailand this last July. What happened on this trip?


In Thailand, WCI visited ongoing projects with street kids, orphans, and rescued kids (from some form of slavery). We also had a number of micro-business projects and small business partners we met with to encourage and decide how we can further assist. We visited a church whose workers serve in a large slum, near the city center of Bangkok, it was an exciting part of the We Love Thailand trip. I was made aware of this mission to the slums about six months ago. This was our first observation trip to see how we might partner with this church in the future.





What are your thoughts about the unrest in Thailand? How does it affect your work for WCI?


Thailand is a typically peaceful country, but there has been unrest between the two largest political parties particularly this past year. Rarely have I ever felt threatened or in any way uneasy with political rallies that are quite common in Bangkok. For the most part, the rest of the country (outside of Bangkok) doesn’t know there is a problem. Political instability has not affected WCI’s work in any way other than deterring possible team members from volunteering on service trips to this beautiful and marvelous country.



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“I hope more people will stand with Gary Barnes and World Changers in this ministry. He plays a strategic role in missions and missions mobilization.” 


- George Verwer, Founder
Operation Mobilization, London, GB