Barnyard Project

The old adage declares: “Give a man a fish, and tomorrow he will be hungry again.  Teach a man to fish and tomorrow he can feed himself!”  Since 1998, World Changers has been “teaching men and women to fish”, by providing goats, chickens, hogs, buffalo, garden seeds, rice and farm equipment as gifts and small business or micro-enterprise loans.  Some of these projects have remained small and low-key.  However, other projects--like two chicken farms in Nepal that raise about 400,000 chickens and over 1,000 hogs each year—have not!  Tons of rice and veggies have been raised and consumed or sold by these farm cooperatives.  

The Barnyard Project exists to provide the resources necessary for poor, subsistent farmers to produce crops and livestock to feed orphanages, elderly folks, clinics, schools, and food and income for both poor, persecuted Christian families and many of the missions/charities they have developed.

Get Involved—

$25—provides 3 laying hens and garden seed packets

$80—provides a goat or hog and garden seed packets

$200—provides a sow, water trough, feeder and feed

$250—provides 100 baby chicks, feeder, feed, fencing and garden seeds

$500—provides a milk cow or buffalo and garden seeds

$1,000—provides an arc welder, supplies and training for a small farmer

$2,500—provides a chicken coop, 500 baby chicks, water trough, feeders and feed

$5,000—provides a hog house, 12 sows, boar, feed, feeder and water trough

$7,500—provides a clean water well for a village or co-op farm project

$25,000—purchases a small rice farm, 12 goats, 50 laying hens, 5 sows, boar, feeder, and feed for the first year

Other larger projects need resources and funding; contact us for information on how you can transform lives and villages by providing resources to promote self sufficiency through sustainable farming.

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Send contributions and gifts to

WCI, PO Box 23,

Charleston, IL 61920

Phone  : 1.314.393.8794



“I hope more people will stand with Gary Barnes and World Changers in this ministry. He plays a strategic role in missions and missions mobilization.” 


- George Verwer, Founder
Operation Mobilization, London, GB